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Béatrice Bissara is a French artist, born in 1972, who lives and works in Paris.

Through works and installations in movement, paintings, and other artistic proposals of sensitive exploration, her concept "Ecology of consciousness" explores the "doors of perception" and beyond.

This concept is part of a broader topic raised by the Anthropocene and which questions the human's vision of the world, the place they occupy, and the links that unite them to the cosmos.

By creating links between Body Space-Time and Consciousness, she questions the evolution of human's relationship to the world and the progressive questioning of a dualistic vision of a dominant Western world where man is separated from nature in favor of a more cosmological vision where man is no longer the center of the world. This vision is traditionally present in certain tribes and relayed today by the scientific world thanks to discoveries in many fields, such as astrophysics, neuroscience, biology ...


In an approach intrinsically combined with the sensory and psychic experience, she contributes to a reflection which, for several decades, has aroused the interest of different communities, bringing together not only scientists and philosophers, but also artists. Can we go beyond the ordinary stage of consciousness and if so, what do we find then?


Art of Béatrice Bissara proposes a direct understanding of this questioning and offers experimental aesthetic leads and many other possible overtures.


Deeply questioning our relationship to reality, the work of Béatrice Bissara is supported by scientists (Jean-François Houssais, Michel Bitbol, ​​both researchers at the CNRS). This combination, this encounter, is a way of saying that there is a naturally established connection between the worlds of epistemology and the world of art. This mutual interest expresses how art, through its concrete artistic dimension of the experience, different from scientific experimentations, materializes, presents, and visualizes ideas that scientists try to show through words and concepts which sometimes seem to be obscure to neophytes: art is like “Königsweg”, using the Freudian expression, is a “royal road” towards consciousness of yourself.


Whether it is a sculpture, painting, installation or luminous, kinetic, and sound device, she says: "In my work, I experience these temporal, poetic and immersive processes so that the art becomes an" experiential "moment, suitable for redefining or even breaking down the boundaries between body, space, time and consciousness ”.


Thus, she sets up synesthetic devices in her "Interior Oscillations" where movement, sound, color, and form dialogue together and constructs an experience, a story; these mini-installations of one or two meters can turn into very large installations where the video contributes to the immersive aspect.


Other types of works such as the Connected Dreamboxes which present pulsating luminous devices, echoing the “Dream Machines” of the poet Brion Gysin, who in 1962 invented the machine that rotates light, evokes the heartbeat, breathing, and rush of blood. They are, as their name suggests, dream boxes that we are meant to connect to...


The formal aspect is very important in the work of the artist. Béatrice Bissara works on the principle of connected forms which take their source particularly in geometry and which she names "the common heritage of humanity". She revisits and creates other forms by drawing inspiration from this raw material as from an endless resource.

* Extracts, article by Marie Deparis November 2018



Nature et Imaginaire, CNFAP, Center d'art l'Escale, Levallois-Perret, FR

"L'Echo du silence", group exhibition based on a proposal by Frédéric Lorin with CulturFoundry and a curatorial office by gallery owner Valérie Delaunay and Clarisse Russell, Espace K16, Le Kremlin Bicêtre, FR

Octo, Avenue de l'Opéra, Paris, FR


Nature et Imaginaire, CNFAP, Center d'art l'Escale, Levallois-Perret, FR

Ecophelia, Installation with the director Antoine Campo at the Center d'Art Porte Maubec, La Rochelle, FR


Mapping the World, Château des Tourelles - Le Plessis-Trévise, FR

Ecology of Consciousness, Nuit Blanche 2018, curator: Gaël Charbau, Hôtel de l'Industrie, Paris, FR

Art Busan, Galerie Baudoin Lebon, KO

India Art Fair, Galerie Baudoin Lebon, IN


Scope Art, Miami Beach, USA (2015 to 2017)

Espace Landowski, Boulogne, FR

Hotel le Six, Paris, FR

2016 and before:

A. Saint Honoré Gallery, Paris, FR

Palm Beach, Art and Antique Show, USA (2010 to 2016)

Sofa New York, Park Avenue Armory, NYC, USA (2007 to 2016)

Galerie Tatiana Tournemine, Saint Louis Gstaad, Faubourg Saint Honoré (2013-2014)

Galerie 713, Knokke le Zoute, BE (2014)

Kunst & Antiek Weekend, Naarden, NL (2011)

Art & Antique Fair, Hertogenbosch, NL (2011)

Fine Arts Gallery, Heeze, NL (2011)

Vent des Cimes Gallery, Grenoble, FR (2011)

Next Galerie, Toulouse, FR (2011)

Galerie Hoche, Versailles, FR (2010)

Egregore Gallery, Lyon, FR (2010)

Château Gallery, Auray, FR (2009-2010)

L'Ermitage Gallery, Le Touquet, FR (2009)

Galerie Saint Martin, Arcachon, FR / Mégève, CH (2009 to 2017)

Frédéric Got Gallery, Saint Paul de Vence, FR (2008 to 2017)

Miami Art Show, USA (2006 to 2014)

Frédéric Got Fine Art Gallery, Saint Louis en l'ile, Paris, FR (2006 to 2017)

Galerie Rocha, Barbizon, FR (2007 to 2017)

Gallery Beshara, Atlanta, USA (2009)

SNBA, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, FR (2006- 2009)

Chicago SOFA Show, USA (2006 - 2007)

Salon Violet, Espace Châtelet, Paris, FR (2006)

Salon des Indépendants, Espace Champerret, Paris, FR (2006)


2019 As part of the Nuit Blanche-Round Table around the installation "Ecology of

Conscience ”with two scientists Michel Bitbol, ​​Director of research at the CNRS at the Archives

Husserl, ENS and author of numerous books including "La Conscience a t'elle une origin ?, and Jean-François

Houssais, research director at the CNRS and author of "The three levels of Consciousness"

2018 Listen See, Voz'Galerie


Artistic creation grant from the General Council of Val-de-Marne, FR

Bronze medal, Salon of French Artists, Grand Palais, Paris, FR


2013/2014 INGEROP company, performance at the Rodin Museum, commission for a sculpture in

bronze “The city of tomorrow” for the headquarters of Rueil Malmaison in 2013 and trophies in 2014.

2006 Horse, INTELLECO company, Paris, 2006


1997 Masters in Art History and Archeology, Paris I Sorbonne University

1996 Cours Rachel Boyer, Ecole du Louvre

1995 DESS in political science, Paris I Sorbonne University

1994 MSG, Paris IX Dauphine University


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