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The installation "Whirling Dervishes or Ecology of Consciousness" is a 20-minute initiatory spatio-temporal journey that seeks to recreate a contemporary ritual from an ancestral ritual. 

In this experiential work, movements, sounds, lights and smells dialogue together in a synchronous visual and sound device to plunge us into a synaesthesia of the senses, a loss of spatio-temporal references...

Extracts from Rûmî's poems



"In the cadences of music is hidden a secret; if I revealed it, it would turn the world upside down. "


"Any soul that divinizes itself will enter the royal retreat....

It will go from space to beyond space, it will manifest itself

manifest in the invisible world. Wherever it appears 

will emanate the perfume of musk and amber.

amber.... " MO, N°538

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