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"By concentrating multiple semiotic components (sounds, colors, lines, lights, smells) usually distributed randomly in the mediums, Beatrice Bissara succeeds to condense in the reduced space of her installations, an organic work which is capable to touch all the nervous system in a merging proximity of the felt and the feeling, well beyond the segregation of the senses. 

These "single machines" are then traversed by life, with its breathing and its rhythms, its pulsations and its ritornellos, alternating shadows and lights, slowness and speed... True bodies without organs connected to the pulse of the universe - outside of us and within us - the Connected Dreamboxes of Béatrice Bissara seem to be tuned to an invisible and magic ritual." **...

** Philippe Godin-Art critic and author,

Excerpts from "Total Art within reach of meaning", La Diagonale de l'Art, Liberation

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