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Perce Voir remains at the heart of my reflection in the paintings:


Flow, Form and Gesture are three entry points to deepen the same questioning.

Here in 'Gesture, "Between Earth and Sky", the pictorial repetition of the gesture that involves the body in a different way, gives this "action" a meditative and hypnotic value that is transmitted from the doer to the viewer. 

Among the oldest traces we have of human we find dots engraved in stone tens of thousands of years ago. Very much used by the aborigines, the methodical pointillism testifies to a spiritual conception of the act of painting. Parked in the Papunya camps in the early 70's, the Aborigines began to paint on canvas at the request of Westerners. The hypnotic aspect of pointillism corresponds to their vibratory and holistic conception of the world where everything interpenetrates - this filling of points says that the world is ONE.

In my concept "Ecology of Consciousness" I seek to reconnect with this unitary vision of the world by reinventing our way of inhabiting the world.


Make cavities and depressions like skins:

This 'gesture' practice, "Between Earth and Sky" symbolizes the vision of a world that must remain porous, that makes the inner and outer, visible and invisible worlds breathe. 


Skin Earth and Skin Sea speak more precisely about the skin, this Surface which connects and is the Interface & "sensitive" passage between two worlds which must live together, has the same vital respiratory function in humans as in "lower" species and animals.

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